Налобный фонарь Biolite HeadLamp 330

Налобный фонарь Biolite HeadLamp 330
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Фирменная конструкция 3D SlimFit. С передним профилем всего 9 мм и весом всего 69 г! Фонарь плотно прилегает к лбу, исключая возможность падения и соскальзывания. Ткань, впитывающая влагу, сохраняет прохладу и сухость при любой активности, а аккумуляторная батарея означает, что вы можете забыть про обычные батарейки.


1. Flexible USB Light
   Light your site and keep device charging

2. Bucket Handle
   For easy portability

3. Group Format
   Large surface area fits 8 burgers

4. Grill-To-Boil Lever
   Transform flame at the flip of a switch

5. Powerpack
   5W output to charge your gear

6. Smart LED Dashboard
   Monitor your fire and power

7. Burn Chamber
   Powerful combustion and easy refueling via side entry

8. Fuel Rack
   Keep fuel stable up to 20”

9. Ash Tray
   Keep your site clean

10. Folding Legs
   For adjustable cooking height and sensitive surfaces

Choose the Light You Need

Spot and Flood settings offer distance and area lighting to serve a variety of tasks while dimmability means you use only the lumens you need

Fit For Any Adventure

A near weightless feel makes HeadLamp a perfect companion for camping, running, or the next power outage. Provides light without getting in the way.

No More Batteries

Ditch wasteful alkalines and fill up using powerbanks, solar panels, or any other micro-USB source

Transform Into A Lantern

Pair with the Light Diffusing Stuffsack (sold separately) and HeadLamp works double-time as a hanging ambient light for your tent or common area
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